2012 Cuenca Perspectives Collage

2012 Cuenca Perspectives Collage


My mission in publishing this blog is first to provide a living history of my settlement and life in Cuenca, and to provide myself and the reader with a journal account delineating my reasons for why I have chosen to settle in Cuenca. Second, the posts are my way of staying in contact with family and friends back in the states, and to provide them with an understanding of a country and culture that most North Americans have little knowledge and awareness. Third, the blog is open to one and all who wish to compare and contrast the experiences of expat bloggers living in Cuenca, so that you can determine whether or not from your perspective Cuenca is an appropriate move for you. Fourth, my blog provides another example of how expats view and interpret life in Cuenca. Ecuadorians and Cuencanos who may read this blog are especially invited to post comments that may enhance all expats understanding and appreciation of Cuneca and its people, or to correct any misinterpretations in my assumptions and perceptions of Cuencano culture. Finally, I hope I can convey the feeling of love and appreciation that grows within me each passing day for this heavenly city nestled in the Andes and its very special people.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Palermo, Part III: The Neighborhood

These are photographs taken in the neighborhood primarily east of the Palermo.  It is a part of the city that doesn't usually appear on various blog photos of Cuenca.  I would like to just lay all of them out for you on the post, but Blogger won't let me, so I'll need to use a link again.  I tried to type the entire narrative in the title sections, but four or five of the narratives were too long, so if the narrative ends abruptly you can read the ending in the smaller print "comment box" below the larger printed narrative.  Just click on the link, raise the photos slightly to read the narratives, and then click on "next" for the following photo:


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  1. Thanks for the photos, Jim. I enjoyed seeing Cuenca from this particular vista.

    I take it that having the volley ball court nearby is a bit on the noisy side?